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The best way to experience ATLAN-T15 is by putting your BGM on mute and using this playlist.Think of it as our jukebox for you! 😉

For extra immersion!Syncshell ID: MSS-PF9RS1X92DZK
Syncshell Password: AtlantisBar

ATLAN-T15 (generally called Atlantis) is a cyberpunk themed bar set in a tall building that is located in The Tempest, where there is an open balcony view of the fallen city of Amaurot.This place is inspired by video games like VA-LL HALL-A and a bit of Cyberpunk 2077 as they are merged into one of Final Fantasy XIV's most amazing setting in Norvrandt.Here you can can vibe to the music from our chosen playlist in the homepage, or 'Neath Dark Waters' on repeat while you grab a drink and socialise with the bartenders and other visitors.Maybe even refer to each other as 'choom'.

Gardeveil Valentine

About Me

The owner of Alleycat Jazz Club and ATLAN-T15, as well as the puppeteer of a bard troupe named The Valentines in Materia. Ambitious in finding new ideas to do creative things, Gardeveil's biggest fulfilment is to inspire others to do the same with the business they run in Eorzea as well as bringing joy to others with their bard performance.

Lireryn Rhovanor

About Me

Lire is a Veena who left their cold forest home to explore the vast and often terrifying world, though it appears that after some wide and wonderful searching, she's found her comfortable niche in the world, tucked behind a bar slinging drinks and, of course, saving lives. But it's the simple pleasures that this profession offers that brightens her day, the idle chatter with customers, flirting, and listening to the stories, worries and doubts of those she serves.

Zolzaya Torgund

About Me

A native wanderer of the Azim Steppe from the Iriq, this lizzer was tracing the movements of others leaving the Steppe in order to learn about the world outside. On arrival to Kugane he set about acquiring information and keeping extensive notes. Upon discovering Atlantis he quickly understood that the best way to get information was to work the bar and engage in conversation with the people who frequent it. He listens with earnest and always tries to throw in an insightful comment.

swilly mac

About Me

Our trusty submarine slave. Enough said. Make good drinks too.

Alleycat Jazz Club is owned by Gardeveil Valentine and is a sister venue to
Both venue themes are vastly different, but achieve the same thing, which is giving our visitors one of the most amazing vibes in Eorzea.Alleycat Jazz Club is exactly what the title describes itself to be, which it aims to be the most authentic jazz club experience with live bard bands playing throughout its entire three hours of opening time.Every fortnight, we play our usual jazz tunes and the other fortnights, we have a themed playlist.So bring in your most elegant glamour, grab a drink and let's vibe together.